In the year of 2005 I started my childhood dream - sailing around the world. I departed from Lomma in Sweden, 8 August 2005.

After motoring on the beautiful canals through Europe I ended up in Port Napoleon in south of France. From there I sailed out into the Mediterranean. During next three years I cruised and did charters. I visited Italy, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Libya, Malta, Tunisia and Spain. After the Med I left from Spain on my first big challenge – crossing the Atlantic ocean.

I plotted my course pointed at Barbados in the Caribbean. On my way I visited Madeira and the Canary Islands. I arrived in Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados on Christmas eve 2008. I visited most of the Lesser Antilles and then sailed west from Trinidad visiting Venezuela and Colombia. I did more charters but mostly cruising by myself.

In the beginning of 2011 I crossed the Panama Canal and sailed to the Galapagos and then French Polynesia. After some months I set sail again heading westward but, should I go north or south of  the Equator? Most boats go south to New Zealand and Australia so I went north. After many nice experiences in islands of Suwarrow, Samoa, Tikopia, Solomon and different places in Papua New Guinea I sailed up to Yap Island. At the end of December 2011 I arrived at the Philippine Island Suluan. Again my arrival was on Christmas eve. It came to be one of the most memorable Christmas of my life –  my first nice meeting with the Philippines.

When I arrived here I thought it was just another stop on my way around the world heading back to Sciacca in Sicily - my favourite place so far. But after some months in the Philippines it became harder and harder to take up my anchor. Finally I realized it was dug too deep – I understood this is MY PLACE.

During my time in the Philippines I have experience so much good

I never have to lock my boat or watch for my dinghy or pay somebody to do that.

People say "hi" with the hands waving at you but not turning to begging position afterwards.

I get smiles free of charge.

When I ask how much, I often get the answer – it´s up to you Sir. I just have to argue with my own conscience.

The cost of living is very reasonable.

The climate – ten months wonderful and two a little wet.

A culture similar to American/European - makes it easy at the end of the day.

Health care is cheap, of a high standard and you get it when you need it.

I never have to check when the cashier gives change back.

As a senior I´m treated with high respect even by the youngsters.

Most people speak English and never look down at you if you don’t know their language.

In the Philippines I´m only one week´s sailing from ten other interesting countries/cultures.

To fly in and out of  the Philippines is cheap.


Go and Do in Philippines - Cheap Cruises

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Chief in Tikopia Island

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