The costs of a cruise consists of two parts. Costs covering maintenance of the boat and costs for consumables (food, drinks and fuel).

THE COSTS FOR THE BOAT per person differ depending on the size of the crew.

Cruise with

  - 2 crew cost 95 USD per person per day 

 - 3 crew cost 65 USD per person per day

 - 4 crew cost 50 USD per person per day

 - 5 crew cost 40 USD per person per day

 - 6 crew cost 35 USD per person per day

The estimated cost per person per day for FOOD, DRINKS AND FUEL IS AROUND 10 USD.

TOTAL COST PER DAY on a cruise with six people aboard will be around 45 USD PER PERSON.


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You pay the cost for the boat when you arrive. For food, drinks and fuel we set up a SHIP´S CASH DRAWER based on AN ESTIMATED 10 USD per person per day. At the end of the trip any money owed or to be reimbursed is sorted out.


Low cost cruising in Philippines