Choosing between a regular charter, chartering a boat with a captain, hiring a boat or cost share sailing, comes down to your experience and the size of your wallet. Although there are some other parameters that matter.

When you go on a regular charter there is a route that you have to follow. It´s the time table, the captain and Neptune that decide where and when you go. If, for example you want to stay longer in one place, the ship will leave you there!

When hiring a boat, chartering with a captain or cost share you can always influence the choice of  the route together with the captain, rest of crew and Neptune.

The food you get on a charter is the choices they serve you. On hiring or cost share you can take part of creating the menu.

On charter you don´t have to do anything. When you hire or cost share you have to participate in preparing food, keep the boat clean and in order – you are a crew member keeping the yacht running.

Charter has a fixed price for the whole trip and is expensive compared to the other alternatives.

When hiring a boat you have to verify your experience when it comes to sailing. With the other alternatives you don’t have to have any experience in sailing at all. 

These are the main differences between the alternative ways of going cruising.


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